How we do it

Our promise is to deliver the best electronic components to our clients so they are able to develop projects that contribute to technological advancement around the world.

With infrastructure in the USA, Brazil and Hong Kong, we have been able to maintain a comprehensive list of certified global suppliers, which allows us to provide our customers with electronic components, within the best timeframes and with highly competitive prices. This allows us to bring markets closer together, allowing for the access of different companies to different technologies. We seek to deliver to our clients, ease and convenience when obtaining all the products needed for their projects. We bring more convenience and flexibility with the ability to provide the widening of new possibilities.

We want to deliver through the reliance on our expertise and the transparency of our relationships to be sure that we are dealing with a company with an ethical posture and an excellent commitment level.

We search throughout the global market for the best product offerings, even when such are outdated or discontinued. With periodic imports and great inventory availability, we have the ability to respond in a customized manner, according to the needs of our client, from small to large orders with the possibility of also performing scheduled deliveries.

Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to offer an efficient technical support and to deliver the best solutions in electronic components, informing and guiding about all the product details. We understand the importance of each project and seek to offer products that deliver the most effective results.

We provide responsive and close service with a look over people. In all our relationships we always seek to keep the focus on respect and truth, both internally, among our team’s employees, as well as with customers, partners and everyone involved with our brand.

Global <br>structure


Facilities in the USA, Brazil and Hong Kong.

Certified <br>Suppliers


We maintain a comprehensive relationship with Global Manufacturers and Distributors always providing the best options to our clients.

Permanent Logistics

Permanent Logistics

We naturalize your materials according to your needs through our periodic imports.

Consolidation <br>Components


We can offer a complete supply solution for all items or materials for your project.



Homologation of new products and Technical Support offering solutions for several of our clients’ projects.



We have a wide range of products in stock.



Our team is made up of experienced professionals with expertise in the technology market.

Product <br>search


Location of obsolete inventory with maximum security and with proof of origin.