What we believe

We have watched the technology advancing at an extraordinary speed. We believe it comes to perfect the world, to provide more practicality, bringing extremes closer and uniting humanity. Every day we see a new perspective that promises to revolutionize and connect people even more.

Technology comes as a collaborator, to improve our daily life, expand our capabilities, refine our science and extend our lives, improving quality and transforming experiences.

We see technology as an essential tool, capable of feeding the advancement of human beings, at different levels, from the subtlest to the densest, always on the path of evolution. XWorks is a part of this movement, playing a key role in the execution of the most brilliant concepts. We want to promote and expand the perfect connection of ideas with new possibilities. We believe in projects that can change and improve the world and we want to be a part of this change.

The world is increasingly connected, and human relationships have also accompanied this transformation. We understand that the connections proposed by the technology bring people together but does not substitute real relationships. We believe that the presence of the human being is indispensable. We believe in our ability to vibrate in a single intensity; in the human being’s real acting, in its inner being. We believe in living together from day to day, in touch, in the look, in smiles and in hugs. We believe that nothing replaces the human essence. We move forward, but without forgetting who we are.

We believe in enriching the experience of living together, strengthening relationships, and strengthening relationships. To be present, to speak, to listen, to be prepared to help and to be supported. We really believe in the truth of relating. The union is not only the force but is the force itself. We view technology as a necessary tool, but our main component are still human beings. It is where the ideas come from, where connections begin.

We are born already connected, not to technology, but to another human being. We know that connections create a link between two or more points. They are able to carry energy from one place to another, are responsible for the flow and the functioning of the whole. We recognize that we are part of this system, and thus we prioritize relationships. We have in our values a look over the people. We always try to be careful about our relationships and we know that true connection is one of the factors for our success. We want to participate in projects that connect with the world.


Our purpose is to CONTRIBUTE as facilitators for the development of technological progress in the world. We want to contribute to the growth of the technology market, acting in the distribution; generating business opportunities for our customers and providing increased life quality for the whole society.

We want to deliver to the final consumers of our clients the certainty that they are consuming the best products. Our role is to expand the possibilities of our clients, in the acquisition of components. We want to assist in the execution of several projects in different industry sectors. We want to collaborate on the development of products that deliver the highest quality and bring a significant improvement in the advancement of technology and in the development of well-being.

Our purpose is to further influence and make the technology sector aware of the importance of using components with proof of origin and quality to increase the safety of its products to its customers.

What we want to provide to the world

We believe and support innovative projects that perceive technology as a transformation opportunity and that improve people’s lives.

Pisco de Luz

The Project seeks to provide lighting for those still living without access to electricity. The idea is to provide to these people solar-powered lamps, to replace oil lamps and candles, which are still part of the lives of 1 million families. XWorks undertook in 2018 a partnership to sponsor the project.

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