Who we are

We are a global company, an intelligence center with facilities strategically located in USA, Brazil and Hong Kong, which allows for the distribution of electronic components for projects in different technology sectors.

We distribute electronic components from several manufacturers, which gives us flexibility and freedom to offer the best options to our clients.

We exist to address the key needs of engineers and procurement professionals in the industry who are looking for companies that deliver the highest quality electronic components at competitive prices and prioritizing agility in delivery. We further exist to provide our clients with a transparent service that reinforces our relationships and guarantees a more reliable negotiation.

Our team is composed of professionals from different areas such as Engineering, Marketing, Economics, and Sales. Everyone with lots of experience in the market, great competence in their specialties and maintain an excellent relationship with each other. The highly technical capabilities of our employees add credibility and deep expertise to XWorks business. With the knowledge from our team, we can offer complete and customized industrial solutions to reduce costs and optimize the time for the acquisition of electronic components, always with absolute transparency. Through our knowledge in shipping negotiations, we work with compliance with all documentation standards according to the required legislation.

XWorks was created for engineers and procurement professionals from different technology sectors around the world who are looking for electronic components to add excellence to their products, with maximum quality, guaranteed origin, delivered on the fastest terms and at highly competitive prices. We exist to provide our customers with new possibilities for their projects.



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